Most commonly, teeth bleaching is used to whiten teeth. But at K Dental, our experts offer the right treatment in less time and pain. By providing you the best treatment, we also keep your budget in mind. Our Laser Teeth Whitening treatment is affordable and assures to whiten your teeth 5x shades whiter.

As recommended by a lot of people all over Philadelphia, K Dental has experts to provide you the right dental care services. We offer the highest quality laser teeth whitening. Our experts not only promise that your teeth will shine brighter but with the modern tech and techniques, we make it happen for you. We give you peace of mind at pocket-friendly rates and diagnostic technique that’s absolutely secure and harmless.

Our experienced team of dentists have the most up to date technology like the laser lamps and teeth whitening kits. We only store the highest quality products and use non-peroxide 100% legal gels that are EU regulated.

Do you want to know how we do it?

Our laser teeth whitening treatment includes few sessions. Each session hold 15 minutes that makes our professional dentist give you a brief about our process, like how we do it, your diet plan, the safety, and precautions after you are done with the teeth whitening treatment.

At first, the retractor is used to open your mouth then a vitamin E teeth moisturizer and gum protector is applied to ensure the utmost safety. The non-peroxide gel is applied with a LED laser lamp that quickly removes all the plaque, yellowness and whiten your teeth.

Once the treatment is over, you are left with bright white teeth for a shiny smile all day.