Our comprehensive approach to offer Teeth Cleaning treatment sets us apart. We not only prescribe you the medication and treat you for a bright smile. But at K Dental, we make sure that our preventive and cleaning dentistry in Philadelphia keeps your teeth strong and white for long.

By making it less painful and cost-effective, our dentists go through full examination of your teeth and gums. This understanding helps us develop a hygiene plan which include regular dental cleaning, fluoride treatment, mouth guards and more. We even polish to your teeth to remove stains and discourage future plaque buildup.

Professional dentists at K Dental believe that prevention is the key. That’s why we provide you a routine chart that helps you in following a hygiene routine. This chart allows the patient to recover without any advanced surgeries or treatment. It includes regular mouth cleaning that keeps your teeth and gums clean by removing any plaque or calculus.

For patients with multiple tooth disorders, we offer Perio Protect trays that holds advanced gel formula which makes your teeth healthier. It even stops the bacterial reproduction that can cause severe mouth disorders. Its special sealing system is similar to mouth guard that remove germs.

With our effective teeth cleaning, we minimize surgeries, antibiotics and make it easier for you to treat the bacteria in a comfortable way. Our advance treatment is ideal for you to improve your oral hygiene for a bright smile every day.