Natural teeth are blessing that help with eating, chewing and maintaining your jawbone structure. That’s why our first priority is to restore them. However, sometimes due to your severe teeth condition, Tooth Extraction becomes unavoidable.

Our expert dentists at K Dental in Philadelphia provide you with a personalized treatment plan that can help you understand the procedure. With our utmost care and experience, we make tooth extraction easier for you.

In case you have any question related to the process or you feel nervous about the extraction of your tooth, we are just a call away! Our trained consultants will help you overcome any dental anxiety.

Wonder how we do it? We begin by providing all necessary operative instruction that you need to know before the extraction process. Once your tooth is extracted, we place a gauze pack on the extraction site to limit bleeding. This also reduces our patient’s anxiety after seeing too much blood. We provide you instructions that can help you heal the gums quickly. If you try to use your tongue over it, then it can cause excessive bleeding. To help you with that our experts clean that and provide treatment to stop the bleeding. Along with that, we provide medication to heal your tooth that reduces pain.

Once it’s all done, we even facilitate you with a diet chart that tells you what to eat for a couple of days till you tooth/gums completely heals.